(The Wedding)

Wedding Guy: Freddie Benson, do you take Samantha Puckett as you wife?

Freddie: I do.

Wedding Guy: Samantha Puckett, do you take Freddie Benson as your husband?

Sam: I can't.

Everybody: (Gasps)

Sam: Freddie, we have only dated for...... (Looks at watch).....a day and a half. I didn't think about this at the time.

Freddie: Look, the only reason that I wanted to marry you was that I loved you since I was three.

Everybody: Awwww!

Sam: I love you!

Freddie: I love you too!

Seddie: (Kiss)

(Freddie's Apartment)

Sam: What a day!

Freddie: I can't believe we almost got married!

Seddie: (Laugh)

Freddie: Well, we aren't prepared for that!

Sam: Yeah!

Official Caseoftheseddie101360 Episode

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