(At The Movie Theater)

Sam: That was the best movie ever!

Freddie: Who knew a hand was that gross?

Sam: Pretty much, nobody.

Seddie: (Kiss)

Freddie: I've been wanting to ask you something.

Sam: Yes?

Freddie: (Stands on one leg)

Sam: What are you doing? (Hoping he says what she expects)

Freddie: (Gets ring) Will you marry me?

Sam: (Excited) YES! YES! YES! (Puts on the ring)

Freddie: (Happy)

Carly: (Sees ring) Well hi to the married couple!

Sam: We're engaged.

Carly: YAY!

Freddie: Aren't you supposed to be looking for that piñata?

Carly: Oh yeah! I forgot. (Goes to the ial)

(To Be Continued)

Official Caseoftheseddie101360 Episode

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